Core Values

We strive to create easy and delicious ways to eat healthy, through leadership in high-quality, fresh produce that’s built on eight core values.


Through listening, learning and collaboration, we strive to act as one team with one vision, treating our employees, suppliers, customers and consumers with professional respect.

Belief in People

We are committed to our diverse team of employees, and we train, support, and empower them to fulfill their potential and achieve outstanding results.


Produce is our world and we love what we do, continuously striving to create delicious ways to eat healthy.


We are committed to protecting and enhancing the planet for generations to come through environmental and social responsibility programs.


Our employees embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and we encourage every member of our team to think innovatively to find new ways to delight consumers with easy and delicious ways to enjoy vegetables.


We practice openness, honesty and transparency to ensure our actions, products and claims reflect our core values in every way.


We take ownership of our actions and are committed to delivering superior results while living by our core values.  We emphasize clear and timely communication from the top down.

Commitment to the Customer

We listen to those we serve, and strive to exceed their expectations through our commitment to providing innovative products and the very best quality and service.