Deck the Halls with DIY Décor

Having friends and family over for the holidays? Dazzle them with some creative, personal touches to make your table sparkle. It’s easy, fun and it won’t break the bank.

Tablescape Inspiration

Bold glassware. Don’t have a full set of matching glassware? No prob. Just mix and match what you have for unexpected pops of color and a more personal feeling. Use one consistent item, like a festive napkin, to tie it all together.

Collect mason jars and/or sap buckets and fill them with tree trimmings, flowers, candles or any number of small decorative items.

Aromatic centerpieces. Create a display of oranges with cloves and nestled in pinecones for an easy, eye-catching and aromatic statement piece.

Get crafty. Use something like a wood box as a focal point and fill it with greenery, extra Christmas ornaments, berries, and more. Your only limit is your imagination.

Plaid. It’s always in style for the holidays. Add a plaid tablecloth to bring the season’s favorite colors to your table.

Napkin rings, just in the nick of twine. Use some twine and tie a mini pinecone or a cinnamon stick with some pine to your napkins. Add a pop of color with some holly berries.

Go on a scavenger hunt. Use items from your own yard, like pinecones and big leaves which can be spray painted to add color or metallic accents to your table.

Winter fruits. Create a textured centerpiece with bright red apples, pomegranates, clementines or figs arranged over pine branches or strips of burlap.

Make an edible centerpiece. Instead of the usual platter of crudité, make a wreath or a towering Christmas tree with your veggies. Eat Smart Vegetable Bags and Trays provide all the veggies you need—even the dip!

Happy holidays everyone!