100% Clean Label = 100% Real Food

100% Clean Label

Eating Smart Means Eating Clean

No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. That’s what you can count on with 100% Clean Label— a new standard for healthy and delicious food.

At Eat Smart, our mission is to shorten the distance from farm to table and ensure you and your family can enjoy nutritious, great-tasting and easy-to-prepare products. We are leading our category with clean label foods that are free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The ingredients that go into our products are ones that you will recognize, be able to pronounce, and feel good putting into your bodies.

What is a Clean Label?

Eating Smart is Eating Clean

Less than 2% of the salad kits sold in North America are organic. Since most salad kits contain many different ingredients—including those used in salad dressings—it is difficult to source all of these ingredients organically while keeping the product affordable. By offering clean label salad kits and vegetable trays, Eat Smart is providing consumers with healthy options for realizing their personal wellness goals.