Reasons We Don’t Eat Well and Tips For Making Sure We Eat Smart


Let’s face it! Who eats well all the time? Even as a registered dietitian, eating well 24/7 can be a very daunting task. Why? Here is what my clients had to say:

1. I don’t have time
2. Something came up
3. I have no good food in the house
4. I haven’t gone grocery shopping
5. I can’t cook
6. I am too tired
7. I am too rushed
8. I just want to eat junk food because it makes my brain feel better
9. I hate nutritious foods

Regardless of the reasons for not eating well, the number one reason we choose to eat what we eat is taste. If it tastes good, we will eat it. But, taste is a very subjective topic; one person’s ‘yum’ food is another person’s ‘yuk’ food!

Good news! There are many foods that taste great. It is simply a matter of matching the food to your taste buds and adding some flavor, while making food prep as easy as possible.

Here are some tips on how you can eat smart more often throughout your day, week, month and year toward overall better health.


Cook a roast, barbeque some chicken, flash fry a piece of fish, simmer up some lentils and boil some eggs. Having cooked, good quality protein choices on hand will make meals fast and easy. Once cooked, cut the meat and/or fish into bite size pieces, ready to put into the freezer. This protein is easily added to any stir fry, soup, stew or a favorite recipe.

Cooked or canned legumes (beans, peas and lentils) are a great way to add more plant-based protein to your diet. They are chock full of nutrients, plus add a kick of fiber.

Boiled eggs are always handy to simply pop or top off a salad or sandwich. They are great as a late day snack.

Having some protein choices cooked and ready to go will make rushed meal times more nutritious and delicious.


Pre-prep your veggies for the week. Clean and cut into large pieces some broccoli, celery, cauliflower, onions, carrots and cabbage. Place into a plastic bag. Add a wet paper towel. Seal the bag but only part way to allow for air flow. To save on time, buy some pre-washed and cut vegetables. You simply open the bag and toss into a favorite recipe or pack a handful with your lunch.

Pre-make a bulk salad full of hardy greens and veggies. Store in a breathable bag or container to keep the taste fresh and alive. No time to wash and prep veggies but want convenience and “picked fresh from the farm” taste? Eat Smart Superfood Salad Blends are made of unique combinations of delicious and nutrient-dense vegetables, and are ideal as salads or used in everyday recipes. Served hot or cold, they add texture, flavor, vitamins, minerals and fiber to meal time favorites.


Boil up a batch of whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, barley, etc. Use to top off a lunch salad or add to any soup, stew or slow cooker meal.

Save the leftovers to create something new! Sometimes not enough for an entire meal but just enough to be the start of a new creation, using leftovers can be a real timesaver. Here’s how:

Save the leftover soup or slow cooker meal from lunch to make a hearty supper. Simply heat and add some pre-boiled whole grains, a handful of pre-cooked lentils and some bite-size, fully-cooked chicken pieces. Just before serving, top off with vegetables from the Eat Smart Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kits. Add a few herbs and spices to taste… voilà! You have created a delicious food blend, chock full of taste and nutrients.

I hope you will enjoy these simple tricks to reduce the reasons you don’t eat well and to ensure you EAT SMART!