Now Available: Eat Smart’s Spicy Sweet Kale

Your favorite Eat Smart Chopped Salad Kit just got a fresh kick to it. 

There’s a science behind the blended flavors of sweet and spicy foods that take our taste buds to the next level. It’s a balancing act that chefs around the world have crafted in their kitchens to produce some of the most delectable bites and drinks. 

Mango salsa, hot pepper jelly, and even Tajin sprinkled on watermelon have been popular additions in North American homes. And for our sweet and spicy fans, we have a brand new salad kit that is sure to impress. 

Introducing our all-new Spicy Sweet Kale Salad, a daring take on our original & favorite Sweet Kale Salad. This spicy salad is full of flavor, and is conveniently packaged to perfection to help you take the guesswork out of building the perfect salad mix. You can pick up this Eat Smart Salad Kit for a family meal at home, or as a side dish for an outdoor barbecue with friends. No matter the occasion, this Spicy Sweet Kale Salad is sure to impress.

What’s Inside the Salad Kit

The Spicy Sweet Kale Salad Kit is filled with six superfoods: kale, broccoli stalk, chicory, cabbage, brussels sprouts and dried cranberries. Top it off with spicy croutons and a spicy poppyseed dressing to complement the superfoods for a craveable salad the family is sure to enjoy.

What to Pair With

Our Spicy Sweet Kale Salad Kit pairs perfectly with your favorite dishes. Some recommendations to get you started include:

  • Grilled Chicken with a spice rub will enhance your spicy and sweet flavors of the salad while adding extra protein to your mealtime. Here is a recipe worth checking out.
  • Coconut Shrimp paired with sweet thai chili sauce is a great addition to the Spicy Sweet Kale Salad. This air fryer recipe is sure to spark your inspiration. 
  • Spicy Sweet Kale Black Bean Avocado Tacos are a great option for a vegetarian-friendly main dish. Use a recipe like this one to get started, and swap out the mango, jalapeño and spicy mayo with the Spicy Sweet Kale Salad Kit for an easy weeknight meal. 

Where to Find It

Eat Smart’s Spicy Sweet Kale can be found at various retailers across North America. To find one near you, use our retailer locatorAfter you try this flavor, be sure to share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We love hearing from our Eat Smart community, and look forward to sharing more salad flavors with you in the future.