Taking Our Salads Above and Beyond

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s finally here. A delicious salad brimming with the best combination of toppings and dressings paired with plant powered protein is gracing the shelves, exclusively at Costco! The traditional idea of meat as the primary source of protein is rapidly changing. A healthier and more sustainable plant based lifestyle is in full bloom. Meat consumption is significantly decreasing and a cleaner way of getting protein is being adopted. With this change in mindsets regarding how we look at the fuel we put into our bodies, the evolution of the salad has calibrated alongside this shift. From basic salad kits, to organic and super green kits are now being transformed to beyond salads. A huge mealtime win!

A hearty and satisfying mix of fresh veggies, grains, beans and seeds come together in an entrée salad that’s brimming with delicious, nutritious whole foods. The Spicy Asian Crunch features fresh vegetables all packed with fresh plant-powered protein. Bite-sized Broccoli and Cauliflower, Broccoli Stalk, Kale and Radicchio create the perfect leafy base. Crisp Carrots, Edamame and Corn, sweet Cashews, toasted Sesame Seeds and Sesame Sticks are lightly drizzled with a Creamy Gochujang Dressing. With each bite this salad provides a complete experience of vibrant flavor and meatless protein sure to give you the nutrients and energy for any occasion.

What are some of your creative and healthy protein-packed lunch recipes? Let us know what you think of these delicious pairings! Also, take a look at the The Produce Mom’s 8 Produce Items to Buy at Costco Now to see the featured item; of course pick up some of our other favorite produce items while you’re there.