Sweet Kale Summer with Food52

Summer is officially in full swing. With the family being closer to home this year, it’s a great time to get creative in the kitchen with some tasty salad inspiration.

And what’s better than a cool salad on a hot day? A giveaway! We partnered with Food 52 to bring to you our Sweet Kale Summer giveaway, where there were five lucky winners and their friends won a free Outdoor Italian Salad Bowl and servers from Food 52 and a bagged Sweet Kale Salad Kit.

Our Original & Favorite Sweet Kale Salad is great at center stage with a little twist to keep the family excited about trying different recipes. Grab the family for some cooking bonding time to make this Sweet Kale Summer even sweeter with our Sweet Kale Fish Taco recipe. A lemon balsamic marinated cod fillet over a bed of Sweet Kale Salad with creamy avocado and fresh cilantro all wrapped in a warm tortilla. A perfectly light and flavorful meal for the whole family.

Mixing up your salad doesn’t stop there. All summer long, get creative with new combinations to try with the family. Click here to see Food 52’s 11 not-so-boring protein toppings that are sure to spice up your salad combos. Be well, and Eat Smart!